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Roll Necks winter, you’ll be wearing these…

I hate to start with sounding rather condescending, but please tell me you got that little play on words? Read the title again (roll necks winter, roll next winter, get it?). Anyway the question is in hand, Why Roll Necks … Continue reading

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“WE MEET BY ACCIDENT”…….Hentsch Man, London Collections S/S 2014

The day was full of excitement and curiosity. The fact this was our first fashion press release made us think, “What was in store for us? What’s the overall key theme for next year?” The outcome? American Living is the … Continue reading

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A Spiritual Lesson in Monk Toe Strap Shoes – Grenson “Ellery”

I’m not a religious man, no, not in the slightest. But if I was, I sure as hell would make the best impression when spending my Sunday mornings praying to the almighty Lord. That’s if the man upstairs is there … Continue reading

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Trainers are in this summer, but let’s step out of the box a little. Get it? Step.

I would never begin to disagree with current trends, peoples views, or try and say this is better than that, or that is better than this. No denying trainers are certainly ‘in’ this summer and there’ll be a nice statement … Continue reading

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Most of us have never been told to ‘Abandon ship’. There’s a first time for everything, right?

First off, you can forget about your lifejacket, Im not trying to take you sailing, let alone make you jump overboard (your safe for now). Nor am i trying to make some kind of post in relation with the deceased … Continue reading

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We promised you a feature, and seeing as its London Fashion Week, it’s time you put your best foot forward

Yes, yes, yes. We know It’s now London Fashion Week and we haven’t yet posted anything about any of the latest pieces showcased, and yes, we’re doing another Chelsea Boot post but, i promised Mr. Horsley I was going to … Continue reading

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This New Years Eve, party like it’s 1989. That’s right, Aceeeed!

It certainly has been a memorable year 2012. We’ve had the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee and the dreadful UK weather, to name just a few that stand out. Me and Mr. Horsley would certainly mark this year important too. This … Continue reading

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