The kettle was boiling over more than seven times in the morning, too much tea and little conversation led us to creating the blog you see before you. Ok, so it didn’t all happen overnight, but within a couple of days, SINGLETONMEETSHORSLEY went live. We admit, we’ re not going to appeal to everyone so if thats you, what are you still doing here? Your here because you want to know what is required of you, the modern day man, in fact forget that, our Modern Day Man. If you’ve got an opinion or a suggestion, we want to hear it. Don’t be shy, give us a shout via our contact page (above) or if your exceptionally brave and previously scaled Mount Everest on three separate occasions, leave us a comment on your favourite post.



So you’ve probably guessed it by now, but I’am indeed the Horsley, well Owen Horsley which makes up the SINGLETONMEETSHORSLEY name. Yeah ok, so we did what is quite common and throw our names together, but come on who doesn’t these days.

I guess we best get down to this whole ‘about’ thing really, before you start to lose interest, leave the page, and don’t even get to read about Jack (sorry mate). I’m in my early twenties and I do in fact work full time (with Jack Singleton) and that is basically how we started this whole website in all honesty. Our place of work is a marine chandlery, loads of boats, clueless people and very little fashion sense. School wasn’t massively my thing so I never continued my education once I finished, so excuse the odd grammar error. Upon leaving school I travelled to the French Alps and qualified as a snowboard instructor, as snowboarding is something I’m truly passionate about. I now disappear in the winter months and do nothing more than board, board and board. We, as a pair, have nothing better to do at work than discuss fashion, which helps really considering we absolutely love it! I’ll openly tell you now, we don’t like every look on the streets but we’re open to new things and live for the style that we started this blog for.

Anyway I’m bored, so I mean you ‘the reader’ must be bored. I’ll let you crack on and I hope you enjoy the site.


Pretty ironic isn’t it? Singleton happens to have only one real burning interest in life – FASHION. I tell a lie, I have many interests. I could talk for days of the “Golden Age of Hip -Hop”if only half of the artists weren’t dead and you had a clue of who they were. And then there’s BMX’s. Can or should a 6′ 3″, aspiring business man own a “kids” bike and ride it only on nice summer days? Probably not, but as with our blog, its what makes us different, unique and honest.

So your school life Jack , “What was it like for you?”, your probably asking. AVERAGE is the answer. Always second best, a part of the furniture, seen not heard. Don’t get me wrong, I loved school. Got the grades I wanted, made some fantastic friends and had the best time of my life, but I didn’t feel individual. It wasn’t until college I experimented with vintage clothing, trying to differ my look to the usual riff-raff on campus. Sure, I was expressing myself in some ways, but for all the wrong reasons (never again will I base my look on a shell suit!). It wasn’t until, May 2008 when I first gazed at my new colleagues on  a Saturday job that I saw “Real” style. Desert boots, brogues, aviator jackets, “I’ve gotta get on this!”, I thought. And ever since, that Saturday job at the chandlery, I’ve reinforced my look. Mixing designer brands with my collection of vintage clothing has thus created my image. I doubt there’s many young fashionistas wearing a Hamilton Ventura watch with a brand new £400 “Burberry” trench and a 80’s Gianni Versace silk shirt underneath.

Anyway enough of the bragging, hope you enjoy the blog as much as me and Horsley, (I refer to Owen as that now) and if you love the posts or The Wu Tang Clan for that matter, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

All photo’s seen above were captured by Jacob William Rix Photography.


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