Most of us have never been told to ‘Abandon ship’. There’s a first time for everything, right?

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First off, you can forget about your lifejacket, Im not trying to take you sailing, let alone make you jump overboard (your safe for now). Nor am i trying to make some kind of post in relation with the deceased Titanic or better still, not one, but all of The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies. Im trying to introduce you to a Glasgow based streetwear brand thats on the rise and believe me its rising fast. Welcome…….Abandon Ship Apparel.

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Gone are the days you have to be going skateboarding four times a week to be seen wearing clothing like this, streetwear clothing has become a distinctive style of street fashion and has become ever more popular around the world over the last few years. Abandon Ship Apparel couldn’t have picked a better time to jump on the bandwagon, since forming in the start of 2011 they have quickly become one of the bigger names in UK streetwear clothing. Their super clean image, funky designs and carefree attitude have really got them nailing most, if not all of their products.

Anything you could want to wear these guys have it, whether its a t-shirt, beanie, sweater or little accessory for example such as bamboo sunglasses or socks (great christmas present from mum) they wont let you down. Newer releases grace their website in the means of completely crazy, completely “don’t give a f**k” Kitten leggings (see below). Now I don’t know many men myself that would slip these on but to all of you that would, including you guys Abandon Ship¬†we have nothing but respect. ¬†Follow the link to the right >
to get straight onto the online store now.
I haven’t featured any pictures but when you log onto the store, which come on we all know your going to be sure to check out their DIEHIPSTERS t-shirt, a personal favourite of mine. Hint hint Abandon Ship, Im a size large.

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One last thing, if you guys love social networking then get liking, get following Abandon Ship Apparel they’ll be sure to keep you entertained throughout the day. Instagram at its best, these guys are updating with new products and funny images daily! It’ll get you through that long day at work no problem, even if your boss is a complete asshole.

I think that’ll do for now, I don’t need to educate you any more in the topic I’ll be bloody wiping your arse for you next! Prices are great and free shipping within the UK, how can you possibly go wrong and for all you yanks don’t miss out! They ship WORLDWIDE.

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