Roll Necks winter, you’ll be wearing these…


I hate to start with sounding rather condescending, but please tell me you got that little play on words? Read the title again (roll necks winter, roll next winter, get it?). Anyway the question is in hand, Why Roll Necks this coming fall? That man above you should know, who many worship and for one, he’s showcasing one of these beauts in question.

Well the classic knit or cardy, has found its way into the modern mans wardrobe in recent years, (gosh how long thats taken) and why can’t we freshen it up this year? Chunky knits and fine gauge wool doesn’t intend in leaving this season and for one i’m delighted. Now the “Turtle Neck”, as its sometimes referred to, has somewhat of a stigma attached to ancient mariners and fisherman and is slightly harder to recommend to someone who has only just embraced a lambswool sweater.

I see it as two ways you can show off a Roll Neck. Now some may not be convinced, but i recommend you try at least one of these methods. One – as a thick, chunky cable knit that your Grandma would be proud of or Two – underneath a suit jacket/shirt.





So this winter, wrap up warm and roll on the winter.

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