The Best Reads For The Modern Day Gentlemen

Please do not divert your attention! Yes the title sounds as if I’m giving you chosen publications recommended by Richard & Judy’s book club or Readers Digest, but as a matter of variety, I thought why not mention some reads that are ideal for your coffee table or if you’re jetting abroad this summer.

I don’t know if you carry an interest in reading (in all fairness I don’t) but for me, big pictures and simple paragraphing do it for me. Yes, I’m not talking Shades of Grey audacity or Da Vinci Code mind f*** novels but, something big and insightful sitting on your oak side piece.

I love personally, a big reference book on the history of sneakers or classic mens fashion that really get my juices pumping rather 800 pages of grey’s drivel. There is so many to tickle anyones fancy, whether you are a lover of trainers, watches, classic cars or mens fashion. Check out some of these delights below. And as always, these are available from Mr Porter. The one stop shop for the modern day man.




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