Were back at that time again where were a few seasons ahead of the current time so here is London Collections Mens week for the Sring/Summer 16 ranges, impressive? Of course! We didn’t manage to make it up to any shows this year due to our own work commitments, however we have kept extremely up to date with what is hot and are going to share with you some of our favourites from the catwalk over the next few days. So sit back, relax and enjoy the shows…PEACE.

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Patek Philippe Presents; Watch Art Grand Exhibition

WatchArt 2015 Logo_type_NEW GOLD_NEW BACK

So last weekend I was lucky enough to not be working, as odd as that may sound, but anyone who knows retail understands the dreadful weekend grind, however that’s a conversation for another time. Anyway as I was saying, I was lucky to make it up to London with my girlfriend to attend the Patek Philippe Watch Art Grand Exhibition being held at the famous Saatchi gallery and my god, what an experience. I have always been somewhat of a watch fanatic but when I picked up an email invite to the event I knew I was in for something special. Patek Philippe are a Swiss watch making company which have been around for 175 years, they design and manufacture timepieces and movements including some of the most complicated mechanical watches ever made. It is considered by many, including myself as one of the most prestigious watch brands of all time…excuse the pun.

The exhibition itself was incredibly impressive, it was extremely well organised and really displayed the brand well. You started out admiring some vintages pieces, mostly old school pocket watches, some pieces were on loan from the queen herself and others dated back to the eighteenth hundreds. After that you entered the current collection room, displaying everything currently on offer to be purchased from Patek with some truly mind blowing examples, even my girlfriend was impressed and she’s no watch connoisseur. But the star of the show really was the hands on workshop, they had staff from there Geneva branch, full of knowledge, talking us through all the complications, movements, how they worked and how they do such a great job at keeping time. The movements really were a work of art, so precise it’s unbelievable. Some processes on a single part of a watch can take 200 man hours and that could be something as small as the engraving. I could go on and on about everything to do with the watches they make, what models do what and the materials used, not to mention the price but I’m unfortunately running out of time on this post, please head over to Patek Philippe for the full range and technical details.

I have done my best with what I had when it comes to the photos, everything was displayed behind glass respectively and I was using my trusty iPhone for the snaps so please excuse some bad images or hard to see detail shots.

This is a big shout out to Patek Philippe for putting on such a great exhibition and displaying some of the best timepieces ever made!!

















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Polo Shirts – Whether its on Centre Court or on the Rivera, it’s the perfect mix of smart & casual

Thats right, the Polo Shirt is the perfect mix of both smart and casual attire. For when you’re out and about for drinks on the promenade or a mixed doubles match of Badminton, there really is nothing better.Back when Rene Lacoste & Mr Lauren where knocking balls around the court, they each came up with the idea of blending the style of a classic button down Oxford shirt with the comfort of a traditional t-shirt.  By looking smart enough for Queens club and yet not compromising on performance, the Polo Shirt was born and has become something of a classic.

Unfortunately though, I know that often there is a stigma to polo shirts. Maybe they can be labelled as “chavy” but ones thing for sure. They are essential. I know Owen isn’t generally keen on them, but hopefully with a bit of persuasion he too may be swayed. Think of this. You’re going out for cocktails and lunch. Its beautiful outside, absolutely sweltering. So you’ve got your car shoes, best tailored shorts and a blazer. Why not top it off with a classic, crisp, slim fitting polo? Or lets say your in to a doubles match on court and you’ve got your Adidas Stan Smiths and Sergio Tacchini short shorts. Nothing better to suit that than a pure white Lacoste polo. Even when the weather takes a turn for the worse, theres a place for a polo under a nice chunky knit or plain sweater.

With the luxury feel without the formal stuffiness you really can make a polo a essential part of your look. I’d recommend sticking to favoured brands such as: Ralph Lauren, Lacoste or Orlebar Brown and in clean simple colours, with minimal if no branding. To look less “geez” avoid stripes, bright pinks and oranges in favour of light pastels and neutrals to soften a look. For summer, also stay clear of black or dark colours. Wouldn’t you rather have some colour in the summer rather than being dreary like a wet weekend in April? And come on, when you’re off abroad, why dress like you’ve turned up for a funeral?

Its  almost certain that you’ll be lost without a polo shirt and it is truly indispensable for the modern day man. It’s a must-have for any gentleman’s wardrobe. So take  a look at some of these stunning examples shown on Mr Porter.

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When It Comes To Leather… Bottega Veneta

Myself, along with my better half, were on the topic of weekends away earlier this week and the usual places came up in conversation…Paris, Budapest, Marrakesh, Milan and not to mention Venice. That then got me thinking, what designers am I aware of in said locations? And Bottega Veneta popped into my head, known for its meticulously handcrafted leather goods, it’s a timeless luxury label that we haven’t previously discussed.

When it comes to premium it doesn’t get much higher than this, they are a leading fashion brand putting on impressive shows each season as well as releasing a collection some need to re-mortgage their house for. I first came across Bottega Veneta in Singapore, we were travelling onto Bali and had a layover in Singapore and knew we just had stop off at the world renowned Marina Bay Sands, every designer you could ever imagine has a store here and they are kept to the upmost standard, the leather sampled in Bottega Veneta’s window display was just breathtaking. The luggage and accessories are, if you have the capital that is, something every man should indulge in, especially if you’re somewhat of a leather connoisseur.








The majority, if not all of the leather products are hand-woven in their signature ‘intrecciato’ technique, incredibly sleek and super stylish. Prices start at a ‘’reasonable’’ £170 and that’s just for the leather cardholder. Not exactly for the faint hearted but as any man should know, his wallet says a lot, the material of choice for one and not to mention how many years weathered plays a enormous part, so purchase now and be smug 10 years down the line when its still holding your plastic and paper effortlessly. Bottega Veneta!

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A.P.C. – From The City Of Romance, Get Some Love In Your Life

What’s Paris famous for? Well, if you look past the obvious being the Eiffel Tower, you’ll know it’s regarded as the city of love. The tranquility, class and style of the place is demonstrated by Parisian artists and it’s no exception from the guys at A.P.C.

Atelier de Production et de Création, as it’s abbreviation means, was founded in 1987 and carries a blend of medium, including art, fashion and music in it’s roots.  True urban style is showcased from the collections and in particular their jeans.

petit standard 2
New Petite StandardPetit standard
New Petit Standard

The petite standard and the new petite standard are two particular favourites that have some what of a cult following amongst denim connoisseurs.  Manufactured from only the best sourced dry Japanese selvedge each pair creates its own natural patina and ultimately makes every pair unique. With clean, minimalistic touches and a slim profile that any jean lover will appreciate, these are surely a staple for your everyday wardrobe.

Also not to be missed is their excellent range of other garments including: bombers, tees, jackets, shirts and sweats. Take a look at these favourites we have selected.

So take this opportunity to fall in love again with the city that has brought these chic and casual looks suitable for any occasion. All of the articles featured in this post can be bought fro>m Mr Porter, just follow the links.

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That Everyday Workhorse

If someone stopped you in the street and asked you to pick a single top or shirt that you’d have to wear for rest of you life, what would you say? Now granted, each to their own and everyone has an opinion but if there was a single go to garment then this would be it…the Oxford shirt.

Myself, along with Jack happen to wear oxford shirts on a daily basis, Musto one’s in fact, a brand we work alongside within our retail based environment, but don’t let that make you think we are biased…because we’re not!

The Oxford shirt is by far the go to, any occasion, formal or in fact casual piece of clothing that’ll make any man look the part. It’s that everyday workhorse that you’d be silly not to own. “Oxford” being the type of woven dress shirt fabric, most commonly seen paired with a button-down style with the two pinnacle colours being white or the ever-loved chambray.

button-down oxford white

button-down oxford chambray
Now J.Crew are certainly getting things done right this season, pulling out both the colours we’ve mentioned in the timeless simple style that is the button-down.

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We’re Going Back In Time – Mondaine Watches

Yes, all you SMH fans may remember almost 2 and a half years ago, I wrote a post on our favourite watch brand Mondaine.  You heard how the official Swiss railway keeper was making tracks (no pun intended) on the world of watch making and shunning the exclusivity of “Swiss made, luxury” timepieces, making more affordable examples for the masses. You’ll be glad to hear, it’s no different this year.


This time round, we’ve seen the release of the “Evo” range. This has brought a expansion on the face from 35mm to a more flattering 40mm and a introduction of a date display (something me and Owen admittedly wished we had on our Mondaines’).


Also not to be missed is the “Chronograph” collection. Everything I’ve mentioned with its discreet contours make this watch a stand out this season. The clean, minimal visage will be sure to raise some eyebrows at the Christmas do.


So, hop on board and treat yourself to one of the watches in the Evo collection. You’ll never be late again!

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Short And Sharp : Tailored Shorts

Robbie S
Robbie S

Now, tailored shorts are indeed something we have glossed over in the past. What was it? A summer or two ago… well what with my back garden looking all the more friendly with the Sunday afternoon sun and half of England showing an unsightly amount of leg due to a measly 16+ degrees, I want to inform you with a brand stocking an extremely impressive range of tailored shorts for summer 15 and it goes by the name of Reiss.

Really, there is only one way to describe the style and colours on offer from Reiss when it comes to tailored shorts and that’s…spoilt for choice! Whether it’s smart you want or casual but still cut correctly to compliment your loafers, these guys have it. Take the Shannon for example; seen above, they’ll add a sharp sensibility to hot weather outfits or something more stylish like the Escher, which are a printed pattern design. All prices are reasonable, full size range stocked, colours endless. A job well done!

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