Polo Shirts – Whether its on Centre Court or on the Rivera, it’s the perfect mix of smart & casual

Thats right, the Polo Shirt is the perfect mix of both smart and casual attire. For when you’re out and about for drinks on the promenade or a mixed doubles match of Badminton, there really is nothing better.Back when Rene Lacoste & Mr Lauren where knocking balls around the court, they each came up with the idea of blending the style of a classic button down Oxford shirt with the comfort of a traditional t-shirt.  By looking smart enough for Queens club and yet not compromising on performance, the Polo Shirt was born and has become something of a classic.

Unfortunately though, I know that often there is a stigma to polo shirts. Maybe they can be labelled as “chavy” but ones thing for sure. They are essential. I know Owen isn’t generally keen on them, but hopefully with a bit of persuasion he too may be swayed. Think of this. You’re going out for cocktails and lunch. Its beautiful outside, absolutely sweltering. So you’ve got your car shoes, best tailored shorts and a blazer. Why not top it off with a classic, crisp, slim fitting polo? Or lets say your in to a doubles match on court and you’ve got your Adidas Stan Smiths and Sergio Tacchini short shorts. Nothing better to suit that than a pure white Lacoste polo. Even when the weather takes a turn for the worse, theres a place for a polo under a nice chunky knit or plain sweater.

With the luxury feel without the formal stuffiness you really can make a polo a essential part of your look. I’d recommend sticking to favoured brands such as: Ralph Lauren, Lacoste or Orlebar Brown and in clean simple colours, with minimal if no branding. To look less “geez” avoid stripes, bright pinks and oranges in favour of light pastels and neutrals to soften a look. For summer, also stay clear of black or dark colours. Wouldn’t you rather have some colour in the summer rather than being dreary like a wet weekend in April? And come on, when you’re off abroad, why dress like you’ve turned up for a funeral?

Its  almost certain that you’ll be lost without a polo shirt and it is truly indispensable for the modern day man. It’s a must-have for any gentleman’s wardrobe. So take  a look at some of these stunning examples shown on Mr Porter.

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