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The French are not to be underestimated….Let alone a god forsaken Rooster!

Le Coq Sportif or should I say ”The Athletic Rooster” which is the English translation, saved you hitting Google Translate really didn’t it! A French company……..hang on, hold up, did I? Yes indeed I did, Le Coq Sportif are in … Continue reading

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We introduced you to the knight himself, now its time to see the range.

Check out these two out there examples from Paul Smith, most people are under the impression that when it comes to shirts such a brand only really deal within the more formal range. Your wrong. The two you see above … Continue reading

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A man to learn about! Sir Paul Smith.

Your approached in the street and someone says to you “Paul Smith?” Initially it’s ” Who the f**k is that?” then, after a short pause I hope you begin to think of the brand, it’s good because yes I’m sure … Continue reading

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Trainers. There’ll always be a day for them so why not keep it vintage!

I wouldn’t normally consider doing a feature on trainers so i’d say your extremely lucky.  However you’d probably say i’d be mad not to since you’ve just seen these pretty special trainers featured above. Welcome the Puma Suede Vintage’s! These … Continue reading

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