We introduced you to the knight himself, now its time to see the range.

Check out these two out there examples from Paul Smith, most people are under the impression that when it comes to shirts such a brand only really deal within the more formal range. Your wrong. The two you see above both feature exceptional designs, guaranteed to get people looking! On one side of the spectrum you have a old school floral design which has it’s own spin on it by making it digital floral, and the other a denim look which feature’s extraordinary patterns and pictures. Definitely cool, definitely different, definitely something to be seen in.

A sweatshirt should indeed be something on the agenda for this years Christmas holidays. We at SINGLETONMEETSHORSLEY couldn’t be more in love with this example, great colour, simple design and would pair up perfectly with a sweet set of vintage trainers.

Accessories are just one of many more items that can be found on the Paul Smith site, perfect for gifts or even if you just fancy adding that little extra to your order, you know how it is, trying to get free postage. I promise you there’ll be something you cant take your eyes off. Most items come with the timeless multicolour stripe design which is something that they include somewhere within all of there products. Treat yourself, after all it is soon to be Christmas.

Images courtesy of Paul Smith.

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