You’ll need big balls to pull these off, yet a pair small enough to keep them hidden! 80’s Nylon. Shorter than short….


Now before you all start moaning I’m not claiming these to be the must have shorts of summer 2013. No far from it, granted there not for everyone and yes I’d say it takes a certain type of person to wear them. You’ve got to have balls, now it’s all well and true sitting at a computer and saying this and I mean circumstances are probably helped by the fact I’m on my third, ‘healthy’ glass of red, but isn’t that what life’s all about, drinking ? Of course not but if it helps you to think you’ll be drinking whilst wearing these on a hot summers day then great, you’ll do it and be making a bold statement at the same time. Perfect!

So……the pair you see featured above are indeed a classic, Adidas Glanz shorts! I’ll be surprised if you don’t know them, let me tell you something, your old man probably wore a pair for physical education at school, not to mention they were seen worldwide on the legs of famous football teams and tennis players along with a few other brands such as Ellesse, Sergio Tacchini and Fila. I wouldn’t be one to say no to any of these brands this summer, yes it’s sportswear so what might you ask makes them, In my opinion, cool ? When I sit down with someone who shares the same love for fashion as I do there is always a topic that comes up, vintage and retro. Something that most fashion guru’s will agree on, it’s cool and it always will be, ok I’m not saying everything old is cool but pieces that date back with history such as the adidas glanz shorts, paisley print for example and asics tigers are all famous in there own right, thus creating a statement when worn.tortoreto shorts in yellow WHITE BACK

Ellesse Tortoreto Shorts in Yellow/White

Now you’ve seen them for yourself I’ll let you do the deciding. They wont be for everywhere they wont be for everyday and they certainly wont be for everyone, but they’ll be that BBQ with the lads this summer, maybe it’s a holiday or just a simple lunch in your local pub garden! All places that in my opinion are right at home for a short short like these, don’t forget they are incredibly short so don’t be concerned when you see more of you upper thigh in public than ever before.

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