Wishing you a fantastic, fashionable Merry Christmas…….p.s. you do know santa only wears Gucci don’t you!


No all jokes aside, us, that being me Owen Horsley and Jack Singleton, just want to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas. We hope you receive all the items of clothing you asked for from the main man upstairs.

Its been a great start to the blog the end of 2012, and oh yes you’ve guessed it, this is only the beginning. Brace yourself for all our information we have to offer for spring and summer collections, yes thats right anything from the best sunglasses as the sun begins to peak through the clouds in march to the ultimate vintage trainers for an all day party on the terrace of SpaceĀ IBIZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway that’s more than enough for the Eve of Christmas, enjoy it, drinks lots and have fun with your families.

Thank you and Goodnight.


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