CHRISTMAS JUMPERS – The “Do’s & Don’t Do’s” Tips Guide

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So, the big days almost here. The friends and family are knocking on your front door one after another, all bearing gifts in hand (including Uncle Jim bringing his embarrassing flatulence with him) and you think to yourself, “That better not be another hand knitted jumper with Rudolph on it, Gran”.

Ok, Christmas jumpers are having some what of a revival at the minute, but look at whats going around, its embarrassing. People are just wearing them for a joke. Don’t whatever you do give in and follow these “sheep” and the atrocious wool their made from. Look back at your family photo albums from the 70’s to the 90’s. Your dad was more than likely wearing one, your Aunt was wearing one, probably you did to. The difference being, that back then, they weren’t “for a laugh”, they were a style choice. Granted, some of them looked distastrous, but did you say anything about it back then, I think not.

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I love a retro, vintage jumper, don’t get me wrong. A 70’s “Chemise Lacoste” lambswool sweater with penguins on it, takes a huge place as my one of favourite tops. You could probably throw my “Polo Ralph Lauren Teddy Bear” sweater in there too. See, these are “true knitted jumpers”. The quality second to none, the style pitch perfect. So I would suggest this Christmas and I suppose every festive season:

– Buy “True Vintage Sweats” (I picked up my examples mentioned for less the £20, a pittance compared to new examples, even the horrendous comical copies, check your charity shops, auctions sites etc. for bargains).

– Avoid obvious christmas designs – Rudolph and Santa can jingle off back home. The point being, you could wear a quality knit from October to February and not for one month.

– And, remember, you get what you pay for. 3 jumpers for £30? A bargain you may say. Tell me that in ten years time when I’m still wearing mine.

Finally, We wish a Very Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year to all our readers. We leave you with a few examples to gaze on and hopefully inspire you this festive season.

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