When it comes to a Contemporary London label i’ll give you one name! Oliver Spencer.


So Jack knocked it on the head really with the last post…4 long months, and my god hasn’t time just disappeared. We haven’t for one second lost interest, no! We just lost time, something we all agree we could do with a little more once in a while. That seconds hand on my Mondaine timepiece just doesn’t stop moving.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but these days I do struggle to find a brand I’m 100% happy with, as we get older we want plain, we want understated, we want contemporary however we long for that classic look. Well I know I do and it wasn’t until I found myself browsing through the Oliver Spencer site that I sat back, lit a Cohiba cigar and thought to myself…sound, now this is me!

oliver_spencer bomber




You want to be bold yet you don’t want to say too much about yourself, then take any of the above and they’ll do you just that, simple colours with simple designs and your onto a winner this summer. What with tailored shorts and loafers being hotter than ever pairing them up with a simple statement t-shirt is and will be a quick and easy answer for the pub garden, given we get some sun that is…

ost20d_fishtail_trouser_ancroft_grey_1_1      ost20d_fishtail_trouser_ancroft_grey_5_1

Considering we should all do our bit to keep the British economy moving and the fact the Oliver Spencer range is produced within the UK, well all 80% of it, do your wardrobe a favour and make your first summer purchase now!

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