Wash Bag Essentials For The Modern Day Man

How often do you go away? Once or twice a year? Every month? Or have you never left your mums cottage in Epson? Either way, do you travel light or heavy? Take your toothbrush and Colgate or quite literally the bathroom sink? Regardless, a wash bag is an essential for the modern day man. And even if you do have one, what goes in it?

Well the obvious first being hygiene staples. Your shower toiletries, shampoos, dental care should be the foundations of your wash bag and never left behind.

Marvis Toothpaste
DR Harris Body & Hair Wash
Bayolea Deodorant Stick

Then it comes to how long the stay is? Are you exceeding a couple of days? Looking like you might need to shave or perhaps keep the nails trim? Try these below.

Edwin Jagger Travel DE Razor Set
Hans Kniebes Travel Set

Last but not least then is what to carry it all in then? Well, heres two stunning examples. One from the premium luggage maker that is Mulberry and the other from refined preppy loving, J Crew. And No matter how long or far you go, look after yourself out there.

J CREW Leather Wash Bag
Mulberry Leather Travel Bag
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