Vintage. Floral. Button Down. Can only mean one thing – PRETTY GREEN




So, you’re after that vintage piece for your wardrobe? Can’t be bothered with wandering around your local charity shop, or paying quite frankly through the roof prices for something you know has already been worn by some, sweaty human being a hundred times over. Don’t get me wrong that is definitely what vintage is all about, but agreed its not for everyone and my advice would be, try it once, because you’ll always find that one mental item of clothing that none of your mates will ever have.

Anyway long story short for everything else theres always Pretty Green . Now if you already know who’s the brains behind it then you’ll already fully understand the look and the style that Pretty Green are putting onto the high street. If your still clueless, how about the band Oasis ? Try a quick google search, then you’ll soon come to terms with what they achieve, thanks to founder and designer (oasis member) Liam Gallagher.

They really do put vintage designs back onto the high street, that we can buy brand new. I mean, where on earth they source the fabric to make a shirt like the ones above is beyond me. And thats what I really like from them, their shirts. Super cool, super bright, loads going on and lets be honest, you have to have balls to pull one of these off. The shirt you see above is a relatively new release  and check out there full black and green label range.

Pretty Green regularly release new products, so here on SINGLETONMEETSHORSLEY we say its one for your safari bookmarks.

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