Something on Jermyn Street…ok gentlemen, Czech & Speake!

It’s probably safe to agree if your into Fashion, or even parts of it then your into grooming, grooming yourself that is. Times have long changed and more and more modern day men, as me and Jack like to say, spend time taking care of their appearance, hours in fact and I wouldn’t be far wrong even to suggest some of you gents spend more time in front of the mirror than women! Am I right? Of course I bloody well am this is the 21st century, back in the day it was more rather well off gentleman to be seen having the traditional wet shave and although there were other treatments it was nothing compared what’s on offer for us fella’s today.


When I look back at photos of traditional barbers where customers would have received exceptional haircuts and wet shaves I cant help but look at the utensils, furniture and accessories, all of which, in my eyes, look so dam cool! With items more often and not taking inspiration from the Edwardian period, which brings me onto these guys…Czech & Speake.

Founded in the 70’s, the brand stands for heritage English lifestyle values delivered with luxury. Once you see the products you’ll realise their pretty bang on!

shaving kit

Just take a look at this all-in-one kit for all your wet shaving needs, can you honestly get a more stylish, traditional yet cool, cool yet classic…shaving set. I think not!



We may be in that month and you may think you’re in luck but I’m sorry but Christmas cracker nail clippers just wont cut it, literally. Your nails should never be overlooked, you can tell a lot about a men with well kept nails and how better to do it than with this manicure set. Its features anything and everything for every little corner of your finger tips. Steep price retailing at a not so light £336 but am worthwhile lifelong investment at that.

Shaving mirror

A quality mirror speaks for itself.


So this china toothbrush stand kind of finishes my article, I’ll leave you with this, just remember small subtle finishes around your home are what ultimately make for stylish living.

Czech & Speake people!

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