Edwin Jeans – Japanese Denim At It’s Best

The 25th of December. Noel. Crimbo. Baby Jesus’s Birthday. Call it what you want, its only round the corner, no more than 10 days in fact, so have you done your Christmas shopping? Have you been a good boy this year? Lets hope that when the day finally arrives, you unwrap some of these beuts and not another pair of Homer Simpson socks from Mum (thanks).

And if these are not on your wish list, then certainly spend some of that cash Boxing Day on some. Edwin Jeans is a Denim manufacturer you may have or more likely not heard of, (thats not a bad thing to say mind) but as far as jeans go, are one of the best “Premium”examples on offer. A friend recently introduced me to his newly acquired Edwin’s ED-88’S and I was immensely impressed.

The brand itself has a respectful history, dating from the 40’s when Mr. Tsunemi of Japan began importing denim from the States, due to the difficulty of producing the cotton at the time in Japan. It then wasn’t until the 60’s that the Japanese entrepreneur made his first pair of jeans. To this day Mr. Tsunemi philosophy stays true to its roots, showing the upmost craftsmanship and superior quality to its competitors. They also claim, to be the first producer in the 80’s and 90’s to pioneer “Stone Washes” and ‘Vintage” archive designs that all denim producers use these days.

Edwin ED-88 “Riser Fader”

Perhaps the main style and fit I’d pick is indeed the ED-88. These are Slim-Skinny fit, the only way to have you jeans (and if you believe otherwise, please remove yourself from the site). Theres again a whole host of washes and in particular these three shown, stand out for us.

Edwin ED-88 “Abyss Worn”

So if your denims looking a little past its best and your fed up with the depreciation you get with your high street jeans then look no further. And finally, Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year.

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