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So now that I have your attention. Great picture don’t you think ? But no this is not the start of a discussion on woman’s fashion, I mean I’m male, what the bloody hell would I know in regards to woman’s fashion. This, or should I say that is to get you thinking about a brand that we really don’t give enough credit to.
To all the UK readers you probably don’t really have much of an idea of the brand in question, however if you’re from the US of A you more than likely know and respect American Apparel, after all it did start out life in your neck of the woods.



The images you see above show you just an insight into what American Apparel have to offer, a simple dress sense that then leaves you able to put your own style into it just by the way you wear it. Come on what more can you want. Best known for making basic, solid-color cotton knitwear American Apparel leave it completely down to you, whilst at the same time presenting you with exceptional quality, prices to smile about and enough of a range to give you a whole evening’s worth of basket filling…if you know what I mean.


When I personally am in need of something simple, something basic, maybe to pair with an out of this world jacket or a pair of such in your face shoes you find people staring at your feet.

Also don’t forget to check out there vintage section of the website where their team of designers are always uploading new pieces they’ve found across the world. CALIFORNIA SELECT, vintage and more.

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