HOLDALLS. A sophisticated fashion accessory you shouldn’t live without!



A holdall, typically seen as a gym bag and often used to carry sports equipment in the past has now; slowly but surely, made it’s way into fashion, onto our catwalks and not to mention lay grace in our favorite high street stores. Often associated with the modern day man image, a holdall can compliment a good overcoat/suit, make for an understated overnight bag or even replace a suitcase altogether on that 3-night city break.

Since buying my first holdall back last year it’s seen more than one or two trips through Gatwick airport and my god has it done me well. Granted customs, stopped me once, for the officer to then tell me I look like I’m smuggling something but really…who isn’t smuggling something these days! Picking your holdall can become difficult, full leather, half leather, paisley, and all big factors in what suits you and what is indeed cool. Bottom line is it’s all cool, sling it over your shoulder and you’re away.


 In this article I wanted to demonstrate two very different ends of the spectrum, at the very top you have a bag priced at a small fortune, not appealing to myself nor many but for the more well off bunch it’s within reach and why not, just take a look at the pictures, the quality is indescribable. Above you have a similar example from RiverIsland, a more than affordable high street brand pricing this bag at £40. See you don’t have finance revolutions just to make a statement carrying your dirty washing to the launderettes in Shore Ditch.

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