Anoraks – And no, not those folks that mill about the train lines!


Henri Lloyd Viking Smock

Yes the name “Anorak” certainly has a stigma attached to it. But how on earth did it gain that? Just one mention of the word and you’ll be labelled as a “spotter”, eating your cheese and pickle sarnies waiting for the next Warbler call.


Napapijri Rainforest Smock

It frustrates me that such a cool piece is shunned and often overlooked. Not only are these pieces usually waterproof, breathable and all that malarkey but, they can look so damn right whether it be with Deserts or Old school sneakers.

K-Way Cagoule

Two brands I particularly trust (and own) that you may have seen include; Patagonia and Napapijri. Famous for outdoor expeditions and mountaineering, these brands usually adopt overhead smocks with a handy chest pouch. Simple, practical and understatedly cool. Look out for oldschool colours and styles from brands such as: Columbia, North Face, Henri Lloyd and if you have a bank balance bigger than your brain, Nigel Cabourn.

Patagonia 40th Anniversary Anorak

All of these models shown are outstanding pieces and will certainly last a lifetime. I would in particular keep an eye out on eBay and vintage shops for examples of these in retro colour ways and original designs for usually a fraction of the price.

Get spotting then mater.

Pics courtesy of their respective brands.

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