Get your shell-toes, grab your Kangol Hat, & “Walk This Way” – Adidas x RUN DMC


You know the story. You know who they both are. Adidas and RUN D.M.C are perhaps the most famous collaboration to have ever existed in not only the music industry but, fashion too. Christ, they even made a song about how much they loved their clobber “With the 3 stripes” in My Adidas and paraded everywhere seen in laceless “Superstars” and MA-1 Leather jackets. Their style was individual, understated and defined the “Golden Age of Hip-Hop”.

Flash forward to present day and not only has Hip-Hop changed, but too the look. However, it doesn’t seem that alls lost with this recent release from the team at Adidas. Unveiled before you is the latest selection of RUN D.M.C inspired pieces including; tees, sweatshirts, sweat pants and the said Shell-toes.

20130901-220754.jpg RUN Logo Hoody £75

20130901-220932.jpg RUN Logo Crew £65

20130901-221059.jpg RUN Logo Tee £30

20130901-221144.jpg RUN Logo Sweat Pants £65

image RUN D.M.C Superstar 80’s £90

I’d imagine this collection won’t stick around for long. Certainly, your going to have the “Oldschool” Hip-Hop lovers high off this but, also the “Sneaker Heads” involved amongst us. Me, being both of these, has resorted to me going on a spending spree! Well, I’ll let you judge for yourself but, “It’s Tricky”.


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