Ayyy! The Fonz would be proud. The Leather Jackets where it’s at!



Why is it, that a single piece of clothing can give such a stereotypical image to the untrained eye? That seems to be the case with leather jackets nowadays. People either suspect you’re a hoodlum, a Harley Davidson biker, a failing 70’s rock star or a cow hide fetish fan, the list of cliche’s could go on quite frankly. To some extent you can believe that, having seen most of those said persons, but without a shadow of a doubt, Leather jackets are one of the biggest investment pieces you can add to your wardrobe right now.



There’s many examples and variations on the leather jacket and that certainly gives a large array of looks this year. This seasons styles to consider would definitely be; Motorcycle Jackets, like our idols The Fonz or Marlon Brando in The Wild One and Flight Jackets as modelled by the cast of Top Gun and Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. We love the simple combo of a classic leather jacket, white tee, slim navy denim and immaculate leather boots or brogues to match. Its timeless and the look speaks for itself. Check out these examples all show cased and stocked by MR PORTER. We especially love the Schott Flight jacket, top, and the Burberry Brit just above. Another example to consider if you’re watching your wallet, is the Levi’s Vintage 1930’s Leather number, below, crafted perfectly to replicate the very first examples made by the denim giants.



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