grenson stanley

Grenson Stanley.

thom browneThom Browne.


Grenson SidGrenson Sid High Shine.

Grenson G-Lab DylanGrenson G-Lab Dylan.

Something you can not, should not and will not live without. Is there a brogue for everything? Dam right there is. Brogues couldn’t be more universal, what with designers pushing all different colours, textures and materials, you wont find a brogue that doesn’t fit you as a person, not to mention your lifestyle. The first pair you own you’ll have for life as they really will last for ever, any half decent cobblers will re-sole and re-heel a shoe of suit quality…as it happens I’ve just dropped off my very own Grenson’s for a freshen up. I wouldn’t like to go as far as saying they are indeed the best but I will say this, the quality of a Grenson brogue is just incredible. Now you have my word when I say the second you open that shoe box, you’ll be speechless……!

All examples can be found on Mr Porter, merci for the images.

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