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A Gentleman Worth Talking About…In More Ways Than One!

As I have become older my interest in watches has massively increased, so much so, when Jack was working alongside me it would be the hot topic of our conversations, far beyond clothes, bikes, music and cars, there is just … Continue reading

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Acqua di Parma – The Perfect Recipe of Italian Style, Passion & Elegance

It’s a name that often doesn’t spring to mind when you think of colognes but on the contrary, this should be the one you turn to when you’re running low on smells. Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, they’re all very … Continue reading

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Patek Philippe Presents; Watch Art Grand Exhibition

  So last weekend I was lucky enough to not be working, as odd as that may sound, but anyone who knows retail understands the dreadful weekend grind, however that’s a conversation for another time. Anyway as I was saying, … Continue reading

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Polo Shirts – Whether its on Centre Court or on the Rivera, it’s the perfect mix of smart & casual

Thats right, the Polo Shirt is the perfect mix of both smart and casual attire. For when you’re out and about for drinks on the promenade or a mixed doubles match of Badminton, there really is nothing better.Back when Rene Lacoste … Continue reading

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When It Comes To Leather… Bottega Veneta

Myself, along with my better half, were on the topic of weekends away earlier this week and the usual places came up in conversation…Paris, Budapest, Marrakesh, Milan and not to mention Venice. That then got me thinking, what designers am … Continue reading

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