So you want formal yet rebellious. A knitted tie has your name all over it!

My god ties are boring, right? Wrong. Now granted your initial thought is that worn out, old, original school tie that took serious amounts of abuse through your studying years, and then of course comes your fathers wardrobe tie rack, a utensil for bland, boring and not to mention near on identical formal ties.

Where is this going you might ask? So your young, rebellious and what to spice your suits up! Why not go knitted? In fact, do go knitted; it’s a simple yet effective way of jazzing up your formal attire.

Drake knitted tie

Now Drakes of London have seriously taken to the art of knitted ties and may I say taken extremely well. Take this olive green and white, silk, knitted example seen above, it’s a thing of simple beauty. Tied in a simple four-in-hand knot it will transform your ordinary, everyday look.

knitted                 knitted

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