I’ll Give You A Penny For Them – Penny Loafers

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Fed up of your elderly relatives saying you can’t buy anything for a penny nowadays? Back in their day, a penny would get you a newspaper, a bottle of coke, a pack of pork scratchings and still have change for the bus home. You’d also get a phone call home from the pay phone in the bar. Nowadays, a penny is what you get left with when you spend a pound on a Big Mac’. The penny then ends up in an old whiskey bottle or under the settee never to be seen again. Well, in case you are out and happen to be a penny short or want a talking point by just looking at your feet, look no further then Penny Loafers.

Sebago Classic Black
Sebago Classic Black

Back in the 20’s, it was tradition that you popped a penny in the slit of your loafers and saved it for that all important phone call to your sweetheart. Sebago and G.H Bass popularised the style and often had them referred to as “Weejuns” with the shoe originating from Norway. Preppy, Ivy League college kids coined on the idea (excuse the pun) and the legend was born. Take a look at these examples below.

Sebago Classic Lofaer
Sebago Classic Loafer
G.H Bass "Weejuns"
G.H Bass “Weejuns”

So your assignment for your this lesson is:

  1. Get a pair of loafers
  2. Pop a penny in each one
  3. And embrace the style of the summer
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