BASS. Trust me from experience, no pain no gain!

If it’s pain, blisters and potentially blood your after, then look no further because I am telling you now, these will definitely cut the mustard! No ok, all jokes aside these are a seriously lairy pair of loafers and they should not be taken lightly. So if I was BASS, I might consider a warning sticker on the side of the box. I’d be lying if I said these didn’t need breaking in, because my god they do, but it just all boils down to whether you have it in you to grin and bare it.

I think its just about time to give you their name, these are the Layton’s and in my opinion you’ll be hard pushed to find another pair with such style. I actually own a pair of these myself and I can’t quite put my finger on it whether it’s the traditional kiltie and tassel design or the timeless burgundy leather. They can’t help but remain my favourite pair of shoes to wear at any given time for any given occasion. Footwear can never really be too smart, they can only get smarter! Don’t be put off wearing these anywhere, just question whether your outfit is cool enough to keep up with the vibe these put on the concrete. Thats the only advice you need, other than keep them shiny. No one likes a dull or dirty Loafer! 

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