Exactly…who or what is Meermin. I mean I’ll be honest; I hadn’t a clue until two weeks ago, if it wasn’t for good old social media I still wouldn’t know now and my god wouldn’t I be disappointed. Meermin is a well-established, renowned shoemaking family from Mallorca, which specialize in making high-end goodyear shoes. Now I know what your thinking, they come at a price, everything in this day and age comes at a price, Meermin however are surprising ‘reasonable’ a word Jack and myself love to use to describe a quality product at an affordable price!



So how do they do it might you ask? Well it’s the middleman or lack of it; they haven’t gone down the route of retailers, which is where premium prices come from. Meermin shoes are distributed directly from the factory all the way to the final customer!

monk strapmonk strap


Now a monk strap is strong favourite in the world of fashion and not to mention a favourite of mine, suede being the fabric of choice for me and just take a look a the pair above, who wouldn’t like a statement shoe like that in their wardrobe. I’ve spent too long ogling over suede monk strap shoes, all with a price tag of £250+ however not Meermin, the whole range they have on offer comes in at a mere €160 (approximately £128) and delivery doesn’t break the bank either, it’s a pleasing 3-5 day service from Mallorca to the UK at a fair price of €20.


Considering we are in months of summer, something a little more seasonal…Loafers are and always will be a timeless shoe, pair them with a suit, jeans, chino’s and lets not forget shorts and your good to go.  If I have a quick brainstorm I cant think of any outfit they wouldn’t look right with! The Loafers Meermin has to offer keep up with the likes of Grenson, Gucci and quite possibly Alexander Mcqueen. Goodyear welted on the RON last, the apron is 100% handsewn and they’re all finished with a single leather sole, don’t forget €160! Priceless.

I urge you to log onto www.meermin.es and you wont want a different hand made shoe again.PERIOD

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  1. Wow Amber! This video is insanely awesome and so well put together. What a beautiful ceremony/celebration of your and Matt’s love and your life together. Those cupcakes! Mmmm my mouth is watering. And so cool that you made the pb & j sammies! Again, biggest congratulations.

  2. ich mag es wenn ich im mittelpunkt stehe..wenn ich mit mama in die stadt gehe werf ich mich immer im supermarkt auf den boden und schreie und heule und stampfe mit den füßen..aber..nicht weil ich etwas haben möchte sondern damit sie mich alle sehen MICH!! SEHT HER!! DEN ZUKÃœFTIGEN SUPERSTAR!! BEACHTET MICH…NUR MICH!! ICH ICH ICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……….ja..es ist schön anonym zu sein..

  3. Caroline says:

    This forum needed shiknag up and you’ve just done that. Great post!

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