Orlebar Brown – Swimwear That Isn’t Pulling Your Leg

So, your summer holiday is just around the corner. You’ve packed everything. Your shorts, your sunnies, your flip flops, oh, your passport too, which you almost forgot, all you have to do now is wait. But, hang on a second, what swimwear did you pack? Don’t tell me you threw in those 3/4 length boardies you got from Matalan? Or worse, those Speedo’s you bought in Turkey from that rather shady market stall last year? If the answers yes, then your definitely not ready, not only for your holiday you’ve been craving, but your local swimming pool too for that matter.

“Go on then, What is acceptable?” I hear you ask. Ok first thing, certainly no mankinis, budgie smugglers or knee length boardies. Thats the main fundamental issue here. Secondly, pick something colourful and bright to reflect your holiday. Why go to Ibiza and wear black shorts? And lastly, go for something above the knee but, not venturing your never regions. Lets say, half way from your groin. Daniel Craig rocked it well in Skyfall, so take inspiration from Bond himself.

Right, so thats the style cracked, how about some designers? Ok, well you want something that not only is acceptable on the beach but, also poolside for lunch. Orlebar Brown, (say: Or-le-bar) is perhaps The swimwear brand to only consider. With a tailored approach to swim shorts and artistic styling to each of their collections, they have been creating some truly outstanding pieces since 2007. The three designs above, named as “Bulldog” from the Miami Edition show that collaboration. We told you that “American Living” is the look for this season, as Hentsch Man unveiled at the London Collections recently, just have a gander at these on offer, true Miami styling.

But, why should it stop there? Look at what else Orlebar Brown have to offer. These “Jensen” shirts are a sight to behold. Perfect teamed with block coloured shorts for when your stopping for lunch, after messing about on the water slides, these are an excellent purchase.

I will say that these pieces don’t come cheap. The shorts retail for £195, same too the shirts. But, think of it as this. How often will you replace your swimwear? Yearly? And how much wear do you actually get out of them? Less than a week? I’m not going to repeat myself but, “You get what you pay for” in this game. So if you want to, emerge from the beach like Bond this season, you know where to go.

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