Hamilton Watches – Timeless American Designs With Innovative Swiss Technology

There is always a stage in one’s life were you consider buying an expensive Rolex or Omega (and let’s face it, who hasn’t?) to give you a little “pizzaz”,  but maybe its worth considering something just as elegant and not something on every tom, dick and harry’s wrist. HAMILTON probably isn’t the first brand to pop into your head, but let me assure you, it deserves the right to. Hamilton began entering the world of time keeping in 1892, but it wasn’t until the late 1920’s that they began designing watches. All made in Switzerland, the quality is as you’d expect with these very renowned makers.

The Hamilton “Auto Chrono” (shown on the left) is a model that is enriched with their history, but maintains a modern silhouette for everyday life. A stainless steel cased body protects the piece from the elements, while protecting the beautifully designed dial is the scratch proof sapphire crystal window. The brown leather strap neatly finishes off the design and makes this is serious competitor to any other “Premium” watch. This is  definitely a favourite for SINGLETONMEETSHORSLEY and is a part of the ever increasing “Jazz Master” collection. 

Will Smith could certainly tell you a thing or two about the Hamilton “Ventura”. He wore this piece most recently in “Men In Black 3” and beforehand in the previous two movie installments. A collection that has stood the test of time, the vintage 50’s crafting has remained, making this one of Hamilton’s most popular designs yet. With the recognisable face and classic statement dial, this is not only a favourite amongst myself, but certainly serious watch fans also.

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